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Kathy Fraser

This book traces the early 19th century struggle of five Fraser brothers to save their father’s impoverished estate in the Scottish Highlands.

Their experiences in Guyana and India take place in turbulent times - the Napoleonic Wars, the anti-slavery movement, the decline of 
the Mughal Empire, the Anglo-Nepal war and the changing patterns of life in post- Culloden Highlands.

Against this dramatic background, the book documents the lives of the family at home as well as the adventures of the brothers, drawing extensively on diaries and the copious letters between the boys and their parents in Scotland.

Only one brother comes home, making the preservation of the hundreds of letters, which travelled halfway round the world and back again, even more remarkable.

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 Kathy Fraser has written the most substantial and sensitive account of the Fraser brothers yet 
published...With a light touch and elegant turn of phrase, she paints a series of penetrating
 and sympathetic psychological portraits of this extraordinary band of brothers. It’s a wonderful
story, beautifully told...that is as entertaining as it is wholly convincing. It is a remarkable
 achievement and deserves the widest possible audience.’
William Dalrymple

With a foreword by William Dalrymple
ISBN: 978-0-9924865-4-9
78 colour illustrations
RRP £22.50

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